28 february, 01 e 02 march 2019
BTM 2019

Castello Carlo V – Lecce
Business Tourism Management

What is BTM?

BTM is born in 2015. It is an event wanted and organized by a professional and expert working group, which has been working in the world of international tourism for more than twenty years. This group felt the need to provide new tools of development to local companies, public administrations, and to all operators of the tourism industry, thanks to the creation of a stable information centre and of an international event: BTM “Business Tourism Management“


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great success

in 2018

Also in 2018 BTM was an event rich in content and professional guests, about 150 speakers, shared their own know-how during three days of meetings, seminars, conferences and workshops.
The media and the audience awarded the work of BTM in these years. Last edition observed more than 9000 participations in three days, 150 exhibitions, 55 International Buyer coming from the biggest markets in the tourism field, 250 companies participated to the B2B, 45 companies and institutions as partners and 15 influencers e bloggers.

the project

It was born in the spirit of a bet, BTM reached consensus and subscriptions in the last years and it achieved a great success so that it became a reference point for the tourism sector in Apulia. These excellent results are due to a worth schedule and to the good vision of the direction that bet on a fundamental segment for the local economy.
Business Tourism Management is organized by the 365 giorni in Puglia S.r.l.s. agency.